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A Return To The Wellington

Phil is pencilled in to return the Duke of Wellington Shoreham on the 1st,2nd or 3rd August (part of the Belgian Beer festival) according to the landlord there.

Re: A Return To The Wellington

Oh yes! Sunday 3rd August - subject to confirmation of band members (we've definitely got Simon on guitar and Kerry on bass, hopefully we'll have a drummer too) so should be a goer - Trapmuffin will post details nearer the time...

Re: A Return To The Wellington

Trust this will be an evening job rather than afternoon. I was going to go to the last one but had rather a long journey (From Turkey). Actually got back at 5.45pm and rang the pub to see what time Mr jeays would be on only to find out he had been and gone. Would this have been the longest journey ever to a Jeays gig!!!

Re: A Return To The Wellington

Is this gig actually on and if so at what time. Its all gone a little quiet!!

Re: A Return To The Wellington

Did you not get Trapmuffin's mailout? Here's what she said:

Next gig is at the Duke of Wellington pub on August 2nd as part of Attila the Stockbroker's Belgian Beer Festival. There will be music from 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday, with Mr Jeays performing with a full band at about 9.45 on the Saturday.

There yo go - if you didn't get the original email let us know and I'll have Trapmuffin flogged...

Re: A Return To The Wellington

No on this occasion I didn't get an E Mail. As a consequence I didn't know about last nights gig.

Added to that I was under the impression that the Wellington was on Sun and booked tickets for the Arsenal on Sat with over night London stay!!

I have now booked train back to Brighton on Sat to enable me to get to the gig (doubled my travel costs but felt it would be worth it).

Badges will obviously be with me.


PS can you make sure my E Mail addtess is on your system .