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Phil in Basildon

I was looking forward to seeing Phil and Robin Ince at the Towngate Theatre in Basildon last Friday. I tried to book online a month or two ago, but got a message saying that all tickets had been sold for this event. After thinking about this for a few days I decided it would do no harm to double check by ringing the box office. They told me there were plenty of tickets left, so I bought two and told them that their web site said the event was sold out. On the day of the show they rang to tell me the show had been cancelled due to poor ticket sales! I immediately looked up the web site again and it still claimed the tickets had all been sold. I wondered how many people had tried to book without speaking to anyone at the box office.

Re: Phil in Basildon

Very interesting Peter - at least they bothered to tell you! We phoned them on the day of the gig to double check the start time, and it was only then that they told us that the gig was cancelled. I will pass on the details of your experience to the relevant people...
Thanks again for letting us know.