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Brel at the Barbican

I see the Barbican are organising a Brel tribute night later in the year.

Is Mr Jeays part of the "and more" on the bill? And if not, to whom should we send our petitions/death threats to ensure this is corrected?

Re: Brel at the Barbican

No, nothing to do with me - but we are still looking at doing a Brel album with all new translations, though we have been thinking about it for quite a few years now, without actually getting on with it. But still, at least some of the translations are completed or very nearly completed, so that's a start...

Re: Brel at the Barbican

How depressing. A Brel "tribute" night in 2009 named after an old Blau/Shuman lyric that has no connection with any Brel lyric.

A Jeays adaptations album would be so much better.

Re: Brel at the Barbican

Ah yes - 'Carousel' - I hadn't even noticed!
We're planning to try and do a Brel album that replicates the original music as exactly as we can, no musical 'reinterpretations' or anything like that, just Brel as he was but in English instead - the hope being that just maybe people will understand in some small (and admittedly flawed) way exactly why I was so blown away by the man's genius in the first place.

Re: Brel at the Barbican

Sometimes a cover can overshadow the original, which I think is what happened here.

Re: Brel at the Barbican

I only got to about half way through the second verse...

Re: Brel at the Barbican

...before you realised you might never honour Brel as well as that..? Don't throw the towel in just yet, I'm sure if you work hard enough you can be as passionate.

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