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Hello, Good Evening and Welcome

Have just been introduced to the music of Mr Jeays by a virtual friend. A scan and a few plays of the MP3's has led me to think that I have been missing out for a goodly number of years. Still, nothing that a quick flash of the debit card won't cure.

Anyway, hello to all.

Re: Hello, Good Evening and Welcome

Debit card duly flashed, "London" purchased, prompt despatch to the wild of Lincolnshire undertaken, ears pinned back and aural pleasure experienced.

The listening yesterday evening confirmed that I have been missing out for a long, long time. I haven't enjoyed listening to a new album as much in many a year. Just fantastic.

And I now have a few pointers from my virtual friend (you know who you are) and will, as straining finances allow, be purchasing the entire set of Mr Jeays' work.

Oh, and will be recommending Mr Jeays left, right and very probably centre.

Re: Hello, Good Evening and Welcome

I'm very glad to be able to introduce others to the sonic marvellousness that is (or are) the outpourings of Mr. Jeay's guitar, mouth and brain (both conscious and subconscious).

Whilst the magnificent oeuvre into which you are about to dive might seem to be a hundred miles (approximately 160 km) away from the band in whose forum my initial recommendation was posted (for a start, I don't believe Mr. Jeays has ever had a MacBook go down on him on stage, although I'd never presume to speak for his private life), there are perhaps similarities of euphony, attention to detail, intelligent musicality, respect for the listener and accomplished live vocal and instrumental performance common to both; and the outputs of both are not "take-away" songs but carefully-crafted, deceptively simple, exquisitely-tasting cuisine. You know, the kind where even a little teasing soupcon is great, where the flavours never dull, and where even the burps afterwards taste good

Now, for my next trick I shall attempt to get two thrash Cajun acid house stoner fiends hooked on Northumbrian folk songs . . .

Re: Hello, Good Evening and Welcome

Congratulations on getting the chat room renamed, OSII!

Now it is officially The Diogenes Club, does that mean no-one will be able to post at all?

Re: Hello, Good Evening and Welcome

Ahhhh ... the rejection of material comfort, very Diogenes; someone buys an album, so he starts giving away stuff for free.

Re: Hello, Good Evening and Welcome

I quote:

". . . attitude . . . grounded in a great disdain for what he perceived as the folly, pretense, vanity, social climbing, self-deception, and artificiality of much human conduct."

A description of Lord Darth Jeays, perhaps? Not at all! It is culled from that polymath site which should be known as "Wikipaedia" (but which is, sadly, stripped of its graceful "ae" ligature by several hundred miles of Atlantic) and the entry for Diogenes (of Sinope - as opposed to any others you may be thinking of).


Re: Hello, Good Evening and Welcome

Ironic, isn't it, that since the inestimable Mr Jeays changed the name of this virtual coffee shop to The Diogenes Club, the number of posts has gone through the roof*? Perhaps he ought to rename it The Philip Jeays Doesn't Win The Lottery Club.

* Not actually through the roof, obviously. But certainly past skirting board level.

Re: Hello, Good Evening and Welcome

Jesus it's all gone fucking mental in here!


Re: Hello, Good Evening and Welcome

Jesus it's all gone fucking mental in here!


I'd always thought that the guests at a party reflected on the host.

Anyway, get on and write some more songs man.