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Christmas Extravagavaganza

49 places sold already, if you want a seat then get in quick!
Lots of standing room too, or sitting on the stairs...

Re: Christmas Extravagavaganza

Wish I could be there but circumstances and geography have got in the way - again.

If you are going, have a great time.

Re: Christmas Extravagavaganza

61 now - we might just be able to squeeze in a few more seats, I'll have to contact the Barge and see...

Re: Christmas Extravagavaganza

Was the mispelling of extravaganza in the title of this thread deliberate?

Mr Arthur Pedant

Re: Christmas Extravagavaganza

Put me down for a reserved standing as I'm pretty sure I can make this one but largely dependent on train times back.


PS if I'm there then so will the revised Jeays badge range which now includes a couple of London ones!!!

Re: Christmas Extravagavaganza

OK Step, will do.