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Any more gigs in 2010 ???

So... very quiet here. Aren't there any gigs coming up ? And when will the barge gig be announced, assuming there is one this year ????

Re: Any more gigs in 2010 ???

There are LOADS of us in here Steve, we're just reading or drunk or asleep.

There are one or two things coming up, but most are still to be confirmed - we're looking at solo gigs in London on Nov 25th, Hull on Nov 26th, and Leeds on Nov 27th - Barge Christmas gig looks like being on Dec 9th, then Brighton on Dec 13th, and I also hope to be doing some of the Godless shows with Robin Ince in London from Dec 16th - I might also be joining Robin and Michael Legge for some London dates as part of their 'Pointless Anger, Righteous Ire' shows that they started at the Edinburgh Festival, but all details are yet to be confirmed - please await updates from Trapmuffin as and when she can drag her gin-soaked arse down here and DO SOME FUCKING WORK.
I am currently working on the new album, and have no immediate desire to leave the house at all.

Re: Any more gigs in 2010 ???

Hope you'll be doing 9 Lessons on the 22nd as we'll be there!

Otherwise, Nov. 25th and the barge would be pretty likely for us. We might even get to Brighton on Dec. 13th...

Of course if you put some tickets on sale, then we'd buy them and support your eBay habit. Sorry. Typo. We'd support you "Staying in the house working on the new album".

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