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Alright Mr Jeays enough is enough.

A gig or two would be nice!!


Sorry Step, just seen this!
I'm about to do a song at the last four nights of the Godless shows at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London (19th-22nd), but no plans for any live stuff other than that - I'm working on an a simple acoustic album to sell as a download only to try and raise funds for the next proper CD, the acoustic album will be new stuff or old stuff never previously recorded, but the main CD will be old songs re-recorded (quite a few songs from the October album amongst them), so who knows, once that's all done we might get out gigging again to try and flog it.

Hope all's well, and Happy Christmas!




I'm glad you're considering gigging again. There really are those of us out there who appreciate your music. I only discovered it a couple of years ago when Blyth Power did a cover version of "Richenda," and I checked out your back catalogue as a result.

Something that would be good for spreading the word would be more of your professionally recorded stuff on Youtube. Most of what is there is recorded on people's mobile phones at live gigs, and it doesn't do you, your music, or your ideas justice. I definitely think there needs to be a full version of the studio recording of "The Great War," that doesn't cut off half way through, for example.

Hope to see you gig again, and I look forward to the new CDs.