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Summat Dodgy This Way Posts.

When three - yes, three (and I'd italicise it and render it in bold did I but know how to do so on the ****ed fiddly virtual keypad on this tablet thing with its obsession with "correcting" my spelling and annoying me to the point that if it doesn't buck up its ideas it's going to end up learning how to fly and swim within the same brief period of time) new topics arrive here within the space of two days, you just know that something fishy (or is that "phishy" these days?) is going on.

So, I assume I'm correct in thinking that the three topics immediately preceding this one are junk, notwithstanding that the title of one of them sounds as if it could be an album of singings. Ought these parasitic missives to be surgically excised by some glowing and awe-inspiring web monitor; perhaps each should be tied to a heavily-armed and combat-twisted pigeon and returned to their grubby little senders?

Now, please, keep the noise down, I'm trying to decay here.

Sincerely Yours, etc.

Re: Summat Dodgy This Way Posts.

Ah yes! I wondered what all that noise was. Still, the complete indifference shown seems to have scared them off. If ever I work out how to delete them I will.

Re: Summat Dodgy This Way Posts.

Splendid fellow.

Seems as if nothing is ever truly deleted from the internet, it lingers forever and ever. Until some body turns the whole thing off because it's become clogged with spam and pornography, of course; that'd get rid of it.