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Re: SORY Kerhoesittely Korpilahdella 11.5.2007 , ZHOU FA MING PHARM CHEMICAL , ZHOU FA MING PHARM CHEMICAL is your reliable manufacturer (factory, supplier, exporter) of Anticancer Drugs (Antineoplastics), Antivirus, Herb Extract, Other APIs, Research Standard Sample and Raw Materials, Bulk Pharmaceuticals Raw Materials, Nutrition Supplements, Food Additive, Intermediates, Chemicals ...etc. But, we do not supply any controlled chemicals.

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Number Main Product List CAS Number Quality

ZFMPFC0001 10 DAB III 98%
ZFMPFC0002 10-Deacetyl Baccatin III CAS #: 32981-86-5 98% Min
ZFMPFC0003 10-Hydroxy Camptothecin CAS #: 64439-81-2 95% Min
ZFMPFC0004 10-Hydroxy Camptothecine 95% Min
ZFMPFC0005 10-Hydroxy-2-decylenic acid CP/ES
ZFMPFC0006 10-Hydroxycamptothecin 98%Min
ZFMPFC0007 10-Hydroxycamptothecinum 99% Min
ZFMPFC0008 10-Hydroxycamptothencine
ZFMPFC0009 1-Bezylpiperazine 99%Min
ZFMPFC0010 1H-Tetrazole 99% Min
ZFMPFC0011 1-Methyl-3-Propyl-4-Nitro-5-Carboxamide Pyrazole 98%
ZFMPFC0012 2',3'-dideoxy Cytidine (DDC) CAS #: 7481-89-2 CP/ES
ZFMPFC0013 2',3'-Dideoxy Inosine (DDI) CAS #: 69655-05-6 98% Min
ZFMPFC0014 2',3'-Dideoxyinosine 98% Min
ZFMPFC0015 2,4-Dichloropyrimidine 99% Min
ZFMPFC0016 2,5-diamino-4,6-dihydroxy pyrimidine 90% Min
ZFMPFC0017 2,5-Dimethoxy Phenethylamine HCl 98% Min
ZFMPFC0018 2,5-Dimethoxybenzaldehyde 99% Min
ZFMPFC0019 2,6-Diaminopurine
ZFMPFC0020 2,6-Dichloropurine
ZFMPFC0021 2,6-Dimercaptopurine 98% Min
ZFMPFC0022 2-Amino Adenosine CP/ES
ZFMPFC0023 2-Amino Pyrimidine CAS #: 109-12-6 98% Min
ZFMPFC0024 2-Amino-5-hydroxybenzoic Acid 98%
ZFMPFC0025 2-Amino-6-chloropurine 99% Min
ZFMPFC0026 2-Amino-6-methoxy Benzothiazole 98% Min
ZFMPFC0027 2'-deoxy -5-fluorouridine
ZFMPFC0028 2'-Deoxy Uridine CAS #: 951-78-0 99% Min
ZFMPFC0029 2'-deoxy-5-fluorouridine CAS #: 50-91-9 CP/ES
ZFMPFC0030 2-Deoxy-D-Ribose
ZFMPFC0031 2'-F-Cytidine 98%
ZFMPFC0032 2'-Fluorocytidine 98% Min
ZFMPFC0033 2-Fluorouridine 98.5% Min
ZFMPFC0034 2-Fluorouridine/2'-F-Uridine 98.5% Min
ZFMPFC0035 2-Mercapto Benzimidazole 99% Min
ZFMPFC0036 2-methylamino-5-chloro benzophenone 99% Min
ZFMPFC0037 2-propyl-1H-imidazole-4,5-dicarboxy acid diethyl ester 99% Min
ZFMPFC0038 3,4,4'-Trichlorocarbanilide 98%Min
ZFMPFC0039 3,4,5-Trimethoxy Benzaldehyde 99.5% Min
ZFMPFC0040 3,4-dihydro-7-hydroxy-2(1H)-Ouinolinone 99% Min
ZFMPFC0041 3,6-Dichloropyridazine 98.50%
ZFMPFC0042 3-[2-(3-Chlorophenyl)ethyl]-2-Pyridine-Carbonitrile 95%
ZFMPFC0043 3-Aminopyrrolidine diHCl 98% Min
ZFMPFC0044 3-Bromobiphenyl 98%Min
ZFMPFC0045 3-ehtyl-4-methyl-2-oxo-pyrrole-2-one 99% Min
ZFMPFC0046 3-Indole Acetic Acid 99% Min
ZFMPFC0047 3-methyl indole
ZFMPFC0048 4,4'-Didydroxydiphenyl Sulfone 99.8% Min
ZFMPFC0049 4,5,6,7-Tetrahydrothieno[3,2-c]Pyridine Hydrochloride 99%
ZFMPFC0050 4-Demethylepipodophyllotoxin 98% Min
ZFMPFC0051 4-Fluoro-4'-Methoxybenzophenone 99% Min
ZFMPFC0052 4-Hexylresorcinol 99% Min
ZFMPFC0053 4-Hydroxy Carbazole 99%Min
ZFMPFC0054 4-Hydroxy coumarin 98% Min
ZFMPFC0055 4-Hydroxy coumarin 99%
ZFMPFC0056 4-Hydroxypiperidine 99% Min
ZFMPFC0057 4-Methyl-6-(1-methylbezimidazole-2-yl)-2-propyl-1h-benzimidazole 98% Min
ZFMPFC0058 4-Nitro-1-Naphthol 99% Min
ZFMPFC0059 5-Azacytidine
ZFMPFC0060 5-Azacytidine / 5-Azacytosine CAS #: 320-67-2 / 931-86-2 CP/ES
ZFMPFC0061 5-Azacytosine
ZFMPFC0062 5-Chloroindole 98% Min
ZFMPFC0063 5'-deoxy -5-fluoro-N-[(pentyloxy)Carbony1] Cytidine
ZFMPFC0064 5'-deoxy -5-fluorouridine
ZFMPFC0065 5'-Deoxy-5-Fluorocytidine 98.5% Min
ZFMPFC0066 5'-Deoxy-5-Fluorouridine CAS #: 3094-09-5 99% Min
ZFMPFC0067 5-Fluorocytidine 98%
ZFMPFC0068 5-Fluorouridine 99% Min
ZFMPFC0069 5-HTP 99%Min
ZFMPFC0070 5-Iodo-2'-Deoxyuridine CAS #: 54-42-2 96%MIN
ZFMPFC0071 5-Methoxytryptamine 98% Min
ZFMPFC0072 5-Methyl-7-Hydroxyisoflavoe 99% Min
ZFMPFC0073 5-Methyl-7-Methoxyisoflavoe 99% Min
ZFMPFC0074 5-Methyluridine
ZFMPFC0075 5-Methyoxy tryptamine HCl 98% Min
ZFMPFC0076 6-Aminopurine
ZFMPFC0077 6-Benzylaminopurine ;/BA 98%MIN
ZFMPFC0078 6-Chloroguanine
ZFMPFC0079 6-Chloroguanosine
ZFMPFC0080 6-Chloropurine
ZFMPFC0081 6-Chloropurine Riboside
ZFMPFC0082 6-Furfuryl aminopurine 99% Min
ZFMPFC0083 6-Furfurylaminopurine / Kinetin 98% Min
ZFMPFC0084 6-Mercaptopurine USP26
ZFMPFC0086 7a-methyl-3,3-dimethoxy-5(10)-estrene-17-one 96%Min
ZFMPFC0087 7AVCA 98% Min
ZFMPFC0088 7-Et-10-Hy-CPT
ZFMPFC0089 7-Ethyl-10-Hydroxy Camptothecine CAS #: 86639-52-3 98% Min
ZFMPFC0090 7-Ethyl-10-Hydroxycamptothecin 99% Min
ZFMPFC0091 7-Ethyl-Camptothecin 99% Min
ZFMPFC0092 7-Methyoxyisoflavone 99% Min
ZFMPFC0093 7-xylosyl-10-deacetyl Paclitaxel 70% Min
ZFMPFC0094 8-DM CAS #: 24916-90-3 24916-90-3 98%Min
ZFMPFC0095 8-Hydroxyquinoline Citrate 98.5% Min

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