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Hanging in

I had polio in 1928. I was 2 and a half years old. I never saw a doctor until I was nearly 4 and only then when a relative told my folks that I was walking a little strangly on my left foot. It was then that the doctor said I had polio. Just before I turned 8 I was taken to Children's Hospital in Seattle, a free hospital for the needy children. By this time I was wearing out my Left shoe(hightops) up on the ankle portion of the shoe. I was walking on my ankle not on the sole of my foot. After several operations over a period of 6 years they said they do me no more good. So goodbye and take care and,by the way, you will be using a cane by the time you are thirty five. Not good news but at least I was through with anything relating to polio and doctors. And I was until about ten years ago when I developed a weakness in my left leg, my polio leg, the one I cursed most of my life but now wished it was as good as it used to be. but II carried on as usual and got fairly good milage out of over the years but now I am about ready for a scooter and will get one if I ever convince myself that I am indeed a cripple. P.S. I never did use a cane.

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