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Re: digestive problems

IBS affects about 10-20% of the population and is also known as spastic colon/bowel/colitis, colitis, intestinal neurosis, mucous colitis and functional bowel disease.
The latest research on how PPS affects women in later life shows Irritable bowel syndrome 154cases or 12.3% and Gastroesophogeal reflux disease 105 or 8.2% of the sample. While this may be slightly higher that one would expect it isn't exceptional.
Do read the research as it is very interesting for both men and women who previously had polio. It's 50 odd pages so will take a while to download but well worth reading.

Another bit of research I've found very helpful, and in fact I believe has resulted in my feeling 100% better is here
I've only recently started taking Carnitine as so haven't yet reached the maximum dose level. I got mine from who are cheap and quick. Tablets aren't very nice to take esp if you have swallowing problems maybe I'll look for a powder supplier.

Re: digestive problems - by Carmel - May 22, 2005 9:05pm
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