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New Year's In Budapest II

I had two café bars in mind, that were due to play some fantastic music – one place had 100 DJs playing 30 minute sets in a party that lasted 2 days – but to my disappointment, the others had little cash and didn’t want to go anywhere with an entrance fee.

By the way, Budapest is fantastic and I’ll miss it when I leave – I’ve appointed a new ‘Jack’s Favourite Bar/Café In The World’ to one of my regular haunts here. Faced with a one of my favourite bars being closed, we’d decided to go to the main pedestrianised street, Váci utca.

A quick stop at a non-stop shop sorted us out with several more bottles of wine and a packet of biscuits. I wasn’t expecting to have the greatest night and, to tell the truth, was planning when I would leave to go to meet the DJs that I’d begun to get to know in the last few weeks (easy when you’re a brassy foreigner).

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