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Re: Weed in Japan?

Hey T-dogg,

That's a good question. Do young people in Japan smoke

it? Yes they do, some of them, not many. But it is

seriously illegal.

Are the police likely to be lenient if they catch you

with it? Hell no - possession of cannabis is an

imprisonable offence in Japan, no messing about.

If you break the law - especially where it's an

offence back home - your consulate is not going to

have any sympathy for you and (most likely) won't lift

a finger to help you.

Japanese prison is nasty. Short sharp shock treatment

is popular I hear and as a prisoner in Japanese

society, you have less rights than an average citizen.

The best you might hope for is forcible repatriation,

but you can't count on it.

You might think this is all a little harsh for carrying

around dope... but it's better than

Malaysia, where they kill you for the same offence.

(Yes, possessing marijuana is a capital offence in


If you know all this and you still want to score some

weed in Japan, you could try asking around among young

people in bars /clubs or on the streets in the

nightlife districts of Tokyo (Roppongi, Shibuya,

Shinjuku) or Osaka (America-mura). You might get


I wouldn't recommend it but it's your call.

Don't say you won't warned.

Alan L (Editor)

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Replying to:

Where might I score some quality weed in Japan?