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Re: Random travelling around the world?

And yet another thing: maybe it's obvious, maybe not (because there are people who travel the world and spend their entire time looking for aspects of life at home): get into the local culture. Go and hear new music, go and see local films (if possible; don't worry if you can't understand them); go and see (even try, if you can) local sports. Be aware of the political situation -even if a coup isn't imminent, it's always good to be abreast of these things, so you can make appropriate comments in the local bar. Learn local crafts (well, OK, maybe that might be a bit hard). Admittedly, these all depend on how long you are in the country, but the basic message is: for goodness' sake, don't go to a place just to seek out aspects of it that are similar to such aspects in your home location.

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Replying to:

I was reading below about a guy who travelled europe on cheap flights, and its quite inspiring for me.

I would like to travel the world, in no specific order, maybe completely at random, based on cheap flights available at each point. I would like to do this for maybe a year, or maybe longer.

I am totally inexperienced here, I have travelled to a few european cities, but that is all, and know I will be out of my depth here!

Has anyone any tip, links, ideas, or anything for me? I am thinking of leaving in the autumn.

I am quite interested in how people communicate when abroad, I use the net alot, and would very much like to use it abroad to keep in contact/find info etc, so any info on service providers etc in other contries would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


Re: Random travelling around the world?

First of all, a big thanks for all the replies!

To fill you in, I'm 23, am selling up everything (flat, cars etc) to do what I want to do, travel.

The time I spend travelling could be years, at least I hope it will be.

I should of guessed that low cost flights would be confined to europe, it makes sense I've heard that around Asio in partular, trains are very cheap, and cover large parts of the continents, also sounds like a great way to see the world too as someone posted above.

A few more questions:

Where is a good place for round the world tickets? I'll try local agents etc, but maybe someone knows first hand? and typically, how long are they open for?

I think my starting point will be Australia, it's always appealed to me greatly, and very few people i've spoke to have anything negative to say about it.

On the side of communication, I will be taking a laptop (a very small one), I'm very technically minded (by profession) and for me it would really be something I couldnt be without!

I guess I should look at entry requirements for countries, I have a friend from the soviet, her boyfriend finds it quite painful getting a visa when they visit back home!

I'm practially itching to go, encouraged by the wine im drinking, but really, I hope I'll be embarking on the time of my life

I'd love to hear of people favourite places, maybe see some photos and things, anything really, I've been quite shocked at how little I've found on the net about peoples journeys, maybe im looking in the wrong places?

Again, MANY thanks for all the replies!

I will be sure to post here when I'm out there!