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Re: Re: Low cost airlines to Poland

The following is taken from

Obviously, since it's more than a year old I don't know how accurate it still is.


26 March 2002 Source: WarsawBusiness

Ryanair will start passenger service to Central Europe as soon as skies are liberalized in January 2004, according to Michael Cawley, Ryanair’s commercial director. "Poland is the largest market in Central Europe,” Cawley said. “I think it’s the strongest candidate.”

Poland is now looking to reach an agreement on transportation by June. The government expects Poland to join the EU by Jan. 1, 2004. The expected expansion of the EU to include 10 new countries in 2004 will open up untapped Central European markets to the Ireland-based Ryanair and other no-frills carriers.

“Once the EU is enlarged, the air transport market is automatically enlarged,” said Yves Panneels, spokesman for the Brussels- based Virgin Express. “We will certainly consider flying to Central Europe.” “We’ll offer one or two services to start with,” Cawley said.

EasyJet is now busy expanding its existing network in Western Europe, according to Samantha Day, EasyJet’s spokeswoman, though she said the carrier would consider starting flights to Central Europe when the skies are liberalized. “We fly to destinations where the market is substantial and where there’s a monopoly that creates too-high fares,” Day said.

The cheapest fares available on the London-Warsaw route, now operated by LOT and British Airways, begin at $240.

“We would look to offer substantially lower prices than that,” EasyJet’s Day said.

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Hi Filip,

there aren't currently any low cost airlines that fly to Poland... so the easiest option to get to Poland cheaply would be to fly to Berlin on RyanAir or Air Berlin or one of the other low cost airlines that serves Berlin and then...

...take an eastbound train from either Berlin Zoologischer Garten railway station (in Western Berlin and easier to reach from Berlin Tegel airport) or from Berlin Hauptbahnhof railway station (in Eastern Berlin and easier to reach from Berlin Schoenefeld airport).

For example you can (amongst other services) get a train which runs from Berlin to Warsaw via Poznan in about six hours or you can get an overnight train from Berlin to Krakow.

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Are there any low cost airlines from anywhere in the world that go to

Poland? Sky Europe doesn't go to Poland