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Re: No cash in Tokyo!

I don't think many of the department stores will accept traveller's cheques - it's not a common practice outside North America, is it?

As for places that will change traveller's cheques - you might get lucky and find an exchange office in Shinjuku Station... but that's just an idea, don't take my word for it.

If it wasn't Sunday, you could try the Amex office...

The address for the American Express agent is:

Nippon Travel Agency Co. Ltd

2-5-1 Kyobashi


Tokyo, Japan 104-0031

(though it looks like it's only open Monday to Friday)

I think, on balance, you're much better off using a cash machine.

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Replying to:

Could you please tell me which department stores in Tokyo

will change/ accept travellers? Do you know of any places other than banks

and post offices that will change travellers cheques?I have run out of

cash and it is sunday! Cheers!

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