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Re: Re: Re: Re:Revised Contact Information

Our web master has a plan for the privatizing of our Owner's Forum.
I still have my original list of owners from the 1980's, but it is outdated. At that time board members received them from Mariner when they joined the board.
Not any more, what a tragedy.
I have written each board member to help us obtain an update for use in controlling access to our Owner's Forum.
At next meeting allow one copy to remain in my hands in order to verify ownership and issue code words, which can be made by the owners themselves, and I will apply them, so username and password will be unique to the owners.
I promise not to sell names or use it for any other purpose than to control and identify real owners.
Please inform the board of your support to create a private communication point amongst us at no cost to anybody.
Thank you
Carl J Appelberg