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Re: Cheap Furnishings in FGH


We are original owners of G213 week 9 and were disappointed with the choice of furniture. Granted I have not seen it yet and unfortunately due to other commitments we will not be able to use our unit this year. I did not like the furniture that this replaced but I understood that after Charley, the important thing was to get back open and at times you have to take what you can get. High praise to those who were able to get CY back open.
The past several years we have extended our CY vacation by staying in the "hotel" units A-E at the west end of CY. The furniture and fitment there is great and reminds me of the original CY. There is light bamboo/rattan furniture with subtle tropical upholstery. The photos on the wall are of old Sanibel and give a real sense of place – you know you’re somewhere special. All this seems to be lost in the recent renovation decisions in FGH.
I have served on art selection committees and know what a thankless job that is and so I can appreciate the difficulty the board faces - trying to please everyone can lead to a blandness that borders on bleak. I don't know how these decisions are made and I guess that if I complain, I should at least try to understand this:
-How are design decisions made? I assume there is a charter. Is this available online?
-What did we pay for the furniture? Is there a breakdown on what we paid for specific items such as chairs, tables, sofas?
-Did we use an interior decorator? Who was that and what did it cost? Are there bids?
Casa Ybel is one of the greatest locations in the world. Anyone who comes here and walks out the door is going to be blown away. We need to make sure they are blown away before they walk out the door.

Respectfully submitted,
Kevin Edwards – 213G Week 9