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Why science and religion are ONE - The Gospel

Thank you for the kind words and I apologize about the delay in my response.

There are two of your comments that I would like to respond to.

First, in light of your mention of larger lungs found in humans living in high altitudes, variation and adaptation within ‘kinds’ is an observable and scientific fact that fits perfectly into creationism. (Refer to:
The Theory of Evolution, however, is based on the unproven appearance of novel traits and features, not merely a change of size or shape of an existing one.

Second, I would like to respond to your claim that science and religion should stay separate. For those of us who believe in the Genesis account of creationism, there is NO wall that divides science and religion. Because God is our Creator, knowledge is through God and Him only.

It is impossible to reconcile the Book of Genesis while believing in the theory of evolution. The Genesis account of creationism and the fall of man are crucial to understanding why it is our fallen nature that sends God’s wrath upon us. Without that understanding, there is no need of ‘saving’ from a ‘Savior’ and His crucifixion and resurrection would have been senseless. His love and sacrifice for us in spite of our utter depravity means nothing apart from Jesus.

Admittedly, Christians have been a poor example of God’s love and sacrifice. But the problem is that we still sin, even after salvation. As seen on this board, I have been snippy and arrogant, exposing my own pathetic nature of pride and self-righteousness. While we should be better at fighting our sin because we are more aware of it, we still fall short every day, and yet strive harder the next. This is the very reason that our faith is based on the perfection of Jesus only, not His followers.

The peace that God promises is with Him, not with the world. Christians are promised tribulation in this world as we are like fish swimming upstream. We know that we seem ‘odd’ to the world, and many of us are estranged from friends, family, and coworkers. The very people we desperately pray for are the ones that snicker behind our backs laughing at our attempts to distance ourselves from unrighteous worldly values. We endure the world’s hatred and are continually insulted and ridiculed when people interpret our sharing the Gospel as intolerant and personal intrusion.

Our hearts are broken for the lost, and we are pained by each and every voice of hostility, rebellion and rejection. But because we know so many will perish without receiving the free gift of forgiveness and salvation, we do it out of love for the unsaved, not because we need people to join our ‘club.’ We lift up our prayers to God, go out and proclaim the Gospel, get ‘beat up,’ dust ourselves off, and then go back out so we might advance His Kingdom and the Truth.

This is what we are called to do.

For those of you who aren’t saved, please consider this:
How long will you live?
How long will you be dead (eternity)?
Are you ABSOLUTELY sure of where you will go when you die?

Remember … for the unsaved, this life is as good as it will get. For the saved, this life is the worst that it will ever be.

“It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this, the Judgment.”
-Hebrews 9:27

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