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How does this disprove evolution?

Looks like you're falling off the wagon of your own rules, Julie. This religious rant is indicative of the reason why creationism isn't taught in schools. Too much belief, no evidence.

To respond to some things very quickly (since I am clearly unsaved):

>For those of you who aren’t saved, please consider this:
>How long will you live?

I have no idea, hopefully until at least 70.

>How long will you be dead (eternity)?


>Are you ABSOLUTELY sure of where you will go when you die?

Nope, and neither are you. Are you ABSOLUTELY sure there is a place to GO TO when you die?

>Remember … for the unsaved, this life is as good as it will get. For the saved, >this life is the worst that it will ever be.

This is the first step to sounding like some sort of "death cult". "When you die things are better." Sounds a little bit suicidal, don't you think?

I'd rather make the most of the time that I DO have here and make myself immortal through those I inspire and teach (including my children). Rather than dedicate my life to a God who I can't prove exists, I'd rather dedicate my life to people I can interact with and see here and now - this is the life we KNOW exists.

Julie, if you're gonna make posts like this that are off-topic, you'd better expect to get some off-topic rebuttal... so if you're gonna delete my post you might as well delete yours as well.

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