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Again, we are NOT interested in a philosophical debate

Since you don't feel confident to debate your theory by using actual empirical evidence, you might find this forum more your liking:

In regard to your comment:
"If you're looking for PROOF of common descent, you won't find it - science is not in the business of PROVING things. That's mathematics. If you're looking for VERY good arguments, LOTS of evidence that points toward common descent and very good SIMPLE explanations based on observations and PREDICTIONS that become evident and are found to be true time and time again, then simply read the scientific papers that are in the field. Start with Origin of Species."

This forum is for engaging in scientific debates using empirical evidence that have indeed been "proven to be true." *

Since you claim that NOTHING has been proven and that all research is based on mathematics and good arguments, it would be impossible for you to engage in such scientific debates, so your further postings will be deleted.

*I reserve the right to waiver when I see fit as seen on the 'Gospel' posting.

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