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Re: April 23rd 2007 - And A Day I Were Meant To See Marti


On this day too - I were supposed to see Marti at a jazz show on this day too, where I had to pull out last minute after my dad had passed away on the morning of April 23rd 2007..... It were agonising for us all and it were very sad day fif us all, and I had to contact my friend in Merseyside before she began her journey and were suppose to meet half way.....

I gave it away to another fan as I were on the guest list that came dinner and hotel was given
away too, as my friend got it all organised on the Wet Wet Wet forum in 2007 on my behalf offer to another fan free of charge, I also had to drop out of seeing Marti in Gloucester too for the May, those tickets I sold.......

We loss money on the train tickets only .....

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx